Who we are

Creds is a UK-based startup with a passionate and dedicated team, on a mission to open up new opportunities for both music rights holders and digital content creators.

What we do

We streamline negotiations and transform the licensing process by bringing together artists, publishers, labels and content creators on one platform.

You’re an artist

A new method of releasing your music via digital content, to the exact audiences that resonates with your music. Without compromising on your rights.


You’re a content creator

Find the perfect music for your videos and tap into a new revenue stream in the process. Get paid to feature new tracks and add production value to your videos at the same time.


You’re a label or publisher

Take control over your catalogues use in digital content! A simple licence management process makes it easier to communicate internally and externally, freeing up your time to focus on the tasks where you create the most impact.


Current state

Creds is about to release our Phase 1 for testing with users. All testers will get their Beta Credentials that comes with special perks. Sign up to get updated!


With our release of Phase 2 will be bringing on full licensing functionality and the Music Launchpad for all premium users and Beta Credential members.


Michael Linn

CEO + founder

Mosse Sahlström

Head of growth + co-founder

Davor Lovrić

CTO + co-founder

Aleksandra Kulecka

HEAD OF DESIGN + co-founder

If you would like to know more about Creds contact our team.